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Breakfast Prices




Lunch Prices


Elementary  $2.75
Middle School  $1.40 Middle School  $2.95
High School  $1.60 High School  $2.95
Reduced Price  $0.00 Reduced Price  $0.00
Adults  $2.50 Adults  $4.00
Extra Entree  $1.00 Extra Entree  $2.00

Family food service accounts are designed to be drawdown accounts whereby positive balances are sustained throughout the year as the means to pay for student meals that are served by the District.

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Low Balance Policy.

Parents/guardians are responsible for maintaining a positive balance in the food service account for it to remain active. Balance information, transaction details, as well as a payment tool for online deposits, are all available through Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Transactions may be monitored and deposits can be made through the Campus Parent app, which provides immediate availability of funds for purchases; there is no fee for this service.

Balance notifications are sent out twice per week to families with a balance at or below $15.00, if there has been recent activity on the account. Families may not receive a reminder prior to an account being inactivated if balances draw down quickly.

Parents/guardians are responsible for setting the Infinite Campus Contact Preferences to allow delivery of Food Service communications sent to a phone number and an email address. All notifications will be generated through Infinite Campus Messenger. Somerset School District encourages families to keep Contact Preferences current for all areas of communication from the District.

Accounts showing a balance of -$10.00 or less will be reviewed daily and inactivated without additional notice. Until payment is received, students with inactive accounts that do not have a lunch from home, as long as funds are available, will receive a meal courtesy of the Food for Thought program; the number of meals may be limited per student to reduce the threat of depleting monetary contributions donated to the program.

Parents are responsible for providing a mid-day meal for their child, whether through payment for meals served by the District, or a healthy lunch from home.

Somerset School District reserves the right to pursue collection of unpaid balances through the use of a third party collection agency and/or small claims court.