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Each student in the district is issued a student ID number which is also their lunch ID number. Please remind your child/ren to keep the number in a safe place and not to share it with their friends.  The district’s food service program is computerized and daily lunch and breakfast purchases are made from a personal family account.  This family account works the same as a checking account.  When a breakfast or lunch is purchased the amount is deducted from the family’s account.  Please make an initial payment prior to September 4th so your child/ren may purchase meals using their family account on the first day of school.  (Any balance remaining as of June 2019 will be available for use in the upcoming school year).

Breakfast and Lunches are available at no charge to all students until further notice

Breakfast Prices

Extra Milk

Elementary $1.45
Middle School $1.45
High School $1.45
Reduced Price $.30
Adult $1.75
Lunch Prices

Extra Milk

Elementary $2.35
Middle School $2.55
High School $2.55
Premium Combo Meal $3.35
Chef On Display Meal $3.85
Reduced Price $.40
Adult $3.50

Web Statements

Parents are able to access family statements online to check a balance or review charges by a student, a family ID and family key # will be needed to create your user name and password

If you have not signed up for this service please send the following information to Name of parent or guardian, students’ names, school and email address.

Payment Procedures

A payment may be sent to school with any child, and it will be credited to your family account.
Payments are deposited daily into family accounts during lunch and breakfast or can be given to the designated food service representative in your child(ren)’s building.
Please place payment in an envelope with student name, family name, school name, amount enclosed and date. Checks are payable to Oak Creek School District. Please write “School Lunch” on the memo line of the check

If you are sending a check in the mail please send it to:Attention: Food Service DepartmentOak Creek, WI 53154
340 East Puetz Road
Oak Creek High School

Payments may also be made electronically

On-line Payments for Food Service Accounts

 Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District has partnered with e-Funds for Schools to allow Electronic Payments by MasterCard, Visa, Debit Card or directly from your Savings or Checking account, into your family account via their secure web site for school meal payments only.  You are in full control of your account and can make a payment to the school via this third party service provider.  No payments are allowed without your knowledge and authorization.  By providing your home and/or work email address, an email notification informing you of the student’s name, purpose of the payment and the amount of the item will be sent to you each time a payment is processed.  The e-Funds site is secure and uses industry standard data encryption.

NOTE: This is different than the account used for fee payments or other student information available through the parent portal on the Infinite Campus Student Management System.

 The provider charges the following convenience fees for on-line payments:
Checking (ACH) Payments: $1.00 fee is charged for each transaction*
Credit/Debit Card Payments: A flat convenience fee of $2.45 per $100.00 per transaction*
*A transaction is a payment that can be for multiple students; an unlimited number of items can be paid for in a single transaction.
The system carries a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) charge if a transaction is entered and there are not funds available from the account provided.

Low Balance Policy

Account balances must be kept up to date. The Food Service Department will review family accounts on a weekly basis and send a note home with elementary students when the family account falls below $10.00, and High School and Middle School students will get a verbal reminder. If the balance of a family account reaches zero, a letter/email will be sent home stating that the account is in arrears. Full payment or payment arrangements are expected to be made within seven days of the date on the letter, or future charges will not be allowed.

Should a family’s account balance be in arrears $3.00 per child per family, the child(ren) will not be able to have the full meal that day. The food service personnel will provide the child(ren) with a “short” lunch consisting of a cheese sandwich and milk. If you wish to limit your child(ren)’s daily expenditure, please call the Food Service Office at 414-768-6121 to have you family account noted as such.

Money will not be loaned to students. Credit will not be extended to students. It is the personal responsibility of each parent and student to remember to bring his/her own money or bring a bag lunch.

I.D. CARD REQUIRED AT OAK CREEK HIGH SCHOOL – At the beginning of the school year, each student is issued an I.D. card. The I.D. card must be used to access the student’s lunch account when purchasing a meal or ala carte items. If a student does not have an I.D. card, he/she will be asked to pay cash. If a student loses his/her I.D. card a replacement card must be purchased for $5.00. Arrangements for purchasing the card should be made in the main office.

Students who receive free or reduced price meals have the same lunch options as students who pay full price, however ala carte and snack items are not included with lunch. All students who purchase ala carte on account are charged full price, regardless of whether they receive free or reduced price meals. Parents should discuss purchasing guidelines with their children in advance to prevent unwelcome charges to their account. All preceding rules apply to Free and Reduced Lunch Students to account balances.

It is the charge of the Food Service Department to maintain accurate records for your family lunch account; which includes both deposits to and purchases from the account. If you have questions on the details in your family account please contact the Food Service Department directly at (414-768-6120 or 414-768-6121). The Food Service Department reports to the

Chief Business and Finance Officer, and will work collaboratively with the Business Office to maintain the rules and procedures for the charges and collection of school meal accounts.

If you have questions regarding the rules or policy 763, please contact the Chief Business and Finance Officer at (414)768-6140