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Breakfast Prices



Lunch Prices


Elementary  $2.30
High School  $1.60 High School  $2.55
Reduced Price Free Adult  $3.85
Adult  $1.95 Reduced Price Free
Extra Entree $1.50

Each student in the Edgerton Public Schools has a point-of-sale cafeteria account in which participation is voluntary for lunch and/or breakfast. Students may bring their lunch from home if desired.

Parents/guardians should deposit money in advance on their student’s or family account on a regular basis if their students are regularly eating in the cafeteria.

Payments in the form of cash or check can be made in the school office.

Applications for reduced or free meals for students can be obtained from the school office at any time.
Balances owed need to be paid before the last day of school. NO CHARGES will be allowed during the last 2 weeks of school.