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Lunch Prices
High School  $3.75/4.25
Reduced Price  $0.40

Families, who participate in the Wisconsin Lutheran High School Food Service Program, will be subject to the following guidelines and procedures:

You can print a copy of the Food Service Balance Policy Here


The Food Service Program is a pre-payment program. Families are expected to have a positive balance in their food service lunch account at the beginning of the year and during the course of the school program year.


A.  Students will be notified each time they check out when their balance falls below zero.

B.  Balance statements will be generated once per month. If a student falls below a zero balance at the time the statements are generated, you will receive and email notification from the Food Service Department. Once the account reaches 2 meals negative (-$8.50 for a paid student, -$.80 for reduced student), the student may be denied lunch. If families are having difficulty making deposits, please contact Scott Raymond at 414-453-4567 ext. 2032 or to obtain information on reduced priced and free meals for those who qualify.

C.  Students will not be able to purchase a la carte items without positive funds in their account.

D.  EXCEPTION: Occasionally Meal Time (computerized lunch system) can go offline due to network difficulties. When this occurs, student balances cannot be viewed at checkout. If the student does not have sufficient funds at the time of purchase, the system will override and force the transaction through whether or not the student has sufficient funds.


  • Viking Dollar drop boxes are located on the wall of the lower lobby and by the front desk. Cash or check may be deposited in envelopes using your child’s name and student ID number. All monies deposited will be picked up by 2nd hour and applied in time for lunch. Any monies deposited after that time will be deposited by lunch the next day.
  • Monies can be deposited almost immediately through Create an account with your student’s ID number. A minimum deposit of $25 applies. There is also an app available for download


A.  Parents may restrict students from making additional purchases by calling the Food Service Department. Limits can be set for meal and ala carte purchases. The restriction on the system will continue from year to year unless the Food Service Department is contacted through e-mail ( or phone call (414-453-4567 ext. 1561).

B.  Family balances, purchases, and payments can accessed through This site is also available on the school website. Payments can also be sent to school and deposited in the Vikings dollar drop boxes which are located in the lower and second floor lobby of the school.  Deposits received in the Vikings dollar drop boxes after 9:15 am will be reflected in a student account the next business day.


A.  A five component Lunch is defined as follows:

  1. Protein
  2. Fruit
  3. Vegetable
  4. Grain
  5. Milk

Three out of five must be taken to qualify for a reimbursable lunch. One component out of the three must be a minimum of a 1/2 cup of fruit, vegetable or a combination of both.

B.  A four component Breakfast is defined as follows:

  1. Protein
  2. Fruit/Vegetable
  3. Grain
  4. Milk

Three out of four must be taken to qualify for a reimbursable breakfast. One component out of the three must be a minimum of a 1/2 cup of fruit, vegetable or a combination of both.

C.  An a la carte item is defined as an item purchased outside the reimbursable breakfast or lunch.

For Example: an additional milk, fruit or vegetable over the 1 cup limit, cookie, or additional entrée with a lunch, will be charged individually.


A second meal that has three of the five food groups may be purchased at a price set higher than the lunch price.


A.  Staff meals may be purchased at a price determined by the Food Service Department. To be eligible for the staff meal price, portions for individual items may not exceed those given to the high-school aged students, because they are not reimbursed by USDA.

B.  Concessions and Bake Sales are not to compete with Food Service. As per the Department of Public Instruction, there are to be no competitive sales in the cafeteria while lunch is being served.


A.  Seniors and those students not returning the following year, with a balance over $10, must request to be put on the Lunch Refund List to get their “Viking Dollars” refunded at the end of the year. Balances can also be transferred to a sibling’s account by emailing NEW in 2016-2017 are family accounts.  To avoid having to transfer balances in the future, you can email with your children’s names/id numbers and they will be linked to the same account and share the same $ balance.  This eliminates the need to keep track of individual Viking dollar balances.  You can make one deposit which is shared between all members on the account.

B.  Refunds must be requested at the reception window no later than the last school day of the year. Those on the Viking Dollars Lunch Refund List will have checks mailed to them in June. Those who do not make a request, will lose all money in their account.

C.  All accounts must be in good standing to meet the Wisconsin Lutheran High School graduation requirements.

Can I limit my child purchases on a la carte?

Yes, you may put a dollar limit on the account per child or block the a la carte option entirely. You just need to call our office and we can set that up for you.