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Skyward is the computerized prepayment system for school meals at WUHS. Student ID cards are also lunch cards so every student has a Skyward account. The student account is only activated when a payment is made. Money must be in the account in order to purchase lunch or a la carte.

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Student ID cards are used for many school activities including lunch purchases, Students must have their ID card to enter the serving area. Students may not use another student’s card. Replacement cost for a lost card is $5.00.

Email reminders reporting low student account balances will be sent home when the balance reaches $2.00 or less. Students who do not have money in their account cannot purchase items on their account.  Students who purchase a la carte items on account are charged full price regardless of whether they receive free or reduced price meals. Parents should discuss purchasing guidelines with their children in advance to prevent unwelcome charges to their account.Payments are accepted by check or online by clicking the “Make a Payment Online” button above. Payments by check or cash will only be accepted with a prepayment deposit form. These are available by the drop box near the field house. Any money remaining at the end of the school year will be transferred with the student to the next grade.