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Skyward is the computerized prepayment system for school meals in our district. Students use a 4 digit pin number to access their family account in the lunch line. Each child in your family has access to the same account, which allows you to make one payment regardless of the number of children enrolled in the district. Skyward is declining balance system, similar to a checking account. Money must be in the account in order to purchase lunch, extra milk or a la carte items. There is no maximum amount that you can pre-pay, and there are also options that make it easy for you to keep track of your family account and make payments on line.

Please plan ahead to insure your family account has sufficient funds to keep a positive balance. Charges cannot be processed if your account falls below zero until a payment is made.

High School and Middle School students can make payments by depositing them into a secure drop box located by the cafeteria lunch line. Envelopes are available for them to write their name and lunch ID on an place their cash or check inside. Deposits made before 8 am will be available for lunch that day. After making their selections in the lunch line, the students will enter their four digit pin number at the computer terminal and the operator will enter the items purchased into the system. Cash will not be accepted in the lunch line, but payments can be made by using the drop box at any time of day.

Elementary students can bring payments to school in an envelope marked with their first and last name, and lunch ID on the outside. Teachers will collect payments in the classroom and turn them into the office for processing. Students will enter their four digit pin number as they enter the cafeteria if they are buying lunch or milk, and will be charged accordingly.

Lunch Prices






Middle School  $2.85
High School  $2.85
Reduced Price  $.40
Adult  $3.20

Web Statements

Parents are able to Access Family Statements online to check a balance, or review charges by student using your family ID and students pin number. You can also register to receive low balance reminders and statements via email, send us an email and we will add your address into the system. This will insure your statements always make it home to you.

Online Payments

Williams Bay School District has partnered with Efunds for Schools to allow Electronic Payments by Credit Card, Debit Card, or directly from your Savings or Checking Account, into your family account via their secure web site. By clicking on the “Make a Payment Online” button, you can easily sign up for this service by registering at any time. Just think! no more checks to write, or worrying about it getting lost on the way to school. There is a fee for this service with options for pay per use, or to enroll for in unlimited use for a monthly fee. Using On Line Payments is offered as an option to those interested but is strictly voluntary. In order to sign up, you will need your Family ID (from the identification ticket sent home) and default family pin number, which is the last 4 digits of your phone number.