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The Food Service Department is proud of the role it plays in providing students with a nutritious meal each school day. Our goal is to provide students with a well balanced meal, which is appealing to students’ tastes, is patterned off of the guidelines of the National School Lunch Program.






Our school meals are designed to provide 1/3 of the recommended dietary allowances for key nutrients. The menu is written to provide no more than 30% of the total calories from fat, and no more than 10% from saturated fat over the course of a week.

Harvest of the Month

Our “Harvest of the Month” program promotes different fruits, vegetables, herbs and legumes throughout the school year. We provide fun facts and nutrition information and will serve it at least one day during that month.


In order to encourage students to eat a complete lunch, we offer entrée choices every day.  Every entrée we offer is available as a meal when bundled with 2 side items, our fruit and vegetable bar and a milk or bottled water. We believe it is important to encourage students to eat a balanced meal, so variety helps with that goal.

Our program offers a self serve fruit and vegetable bar. By providing three vegetables, a fresh fruit and a canned fruit, the students can pick their favorite items, instead of passing up one choice offered on a menu because they don’t care for it. We will introduce the students to a greater variety of fresh fruit like Passion Fruit, Blood Orange, and Papaya, just to name a few.



In order to meet the nutritional requirements of our meals, we take specific steps when preparing food items. Ground Beef is rinsed after cooking to skim off fat, and ground turkey is added when possible. All products that are typically deep fried, (chicken nuggets, chicken patties, popcorn chicken) are baked in ovens with no oil added. We do not add butter or margarine when cooking vegetables and they are steamed when possible. Salt is no longer added as a seasoning, and we use pepper or other herbs as flavor enhancements.

A la Carte

A la Carte items are snacks that students may purchase that are not part of a meal. They are intended to compliment a meal rather than replace it.  Examples of A la Carte items we sell are juice beverages, cheese cups and hummus cups, a variety of premade salads and sandwiches, cookies, packaged snacks, chips and ice cream.

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