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New Taher Food Service App!

Get menus and nutritional information from your phone on the new Food Service App. Download for FREE from your app store, and add the Northern Ozaukee menus you want to follow.Food4Life App FAQ

Menus for each school can be viewed and printed using Adobe Reader by clicking on the links below.

Breakfast and Lunches are available at no charge to all students until further notice

Click on a menu below to view or print


January Breakfast Menu

January Elementary Lunch Menu

January Middle School Lunch Menu

January High School Lunch Menu


December Breakfast Menu

December Elementary Lunch Menu

December Middle School Lunch Menu

December High School Lunch Menu



Nutritional Analysis

A Nutritional Analysis including allergen information for all menu items are available by clicking on the link for your school below. Students and parents can use these interactive menus to help make the best choices for a well-balanced diet.

Elementary School Nutritional Information

Middle School Nutritional Information

High School Nutritional Information

Learn about this month’s Harvest of the Month
Fruit, Vegetable and Spice

Pears   Spinach   Quinoa

Friday Desserts

Recently, the Department of Public Instruction has made strict changes to the school lunch program regarding calorie amounts and choices. It is no longer possible to include treats with our daily lunch choices. DPI does allow treats that can be purchased separate from a daily lunch. To comply with DPI regulations, we have decided to give the following option.

For this reason, we brought back a “treat” that will be available to Elementary School students only on Fridays during lunch at a cost of .75 cents. Some of the upcoming treats will be ice cream cups, cookies, pudding cups, etc. The treat can be purchased with either cash or deducted from the student’s lunch account, as long as there is a positive balance in the account.

If you DO NOT want your child(ren) involved in this program, please email me at or give me a call at 262-692-2489 x414 and I will put an ala carte block on your account.

New Recipes

We are introducing more made from scratch recipes on our menus this year, and understand that trying something for the first time can be pretty adventurous for children. In order to help you encourage your child to try some of the new recipes, we will post a description and picture here on our website and also in the cafeteria as they are introduced. Please share the information with them if they are worried about trying something new. We appreciate your support of our mission towards a healthier generation of children!

The High School / Middle School Food Court is made up of four food stations where students can purchase entrees which are considered a lunch when served with fruits and vegetables from the food bar and milk. The food court caters to the majority of students by offering a variety of popular food items each day. Throughout the year, we evaluate menus and make changes based on student demand. We always welcome your suggestions and requests for new menu items, and will try to honor them.

Click here to see the food court stations that are featured.