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Breakfast and Lunch are now Free to All Students through the month of December!

Our school was just informed that the USDA has extended the Free Meals Program until December 31st, 2020. This is wonderful news! This means that all students enrolled in our district in grades 4K – 12th, will be able to take a breakfast and lunch everyday FREE OF CHARGE!

We will be sending a NEW Virtual Meal Survey again on Tuesday 9/8. With the meals now being free to all students, we felt some parents may have changed their mind. Even if you filled out the last one, please fill out the new survey.

I would like to stress that this program covers all students in grades 4k-12th, whether you are paid, free or reduced. The more meals we can serve, the more reimbursement dollars our school receives from the State Department.

The only charge you could potentially see on your account would come from a milk carton taken with a cold lunch from home (the charge for a milk only is $0.50).

If anyone has questions regarding the new Free Meal Program, please contact myself. Email is better for me since I bounce between all the buildings.

Rebecca Derke
Food Service Director
608-938-4194 x2783