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Welcome to the Little Chute School District Food Service Website!

This website is designed with you in mind. We want parents and students alike to learn more about the Little Chute School District foodservice program. Our website brings you closer to the various department activities, provides nutrition information and resource links, monthly menus, special programs, industry trends and even allows you to check student account balances and lunch payment options. We hope you find our information useful, valuable and educational. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions on improving our services.

Every day our professional foodservice employees prepare and serve over 800 meals to students in our three school buildings. Health studies have proven students of all ages require proper nutrition to feed their minds and bodies which enables them to learn and grow while in school. Our mission is to provide high quality, nutritionally & economically balanced and appealing menu selections to every Little Chute School District student while providing information and education on individual responsibility and the relationship of eating at school and ensuring proper health and wellness.

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Click on the “Food 4 Life” logo to learn more about our wellness initiative.

Taher Inc. , a leading provider of school lunch management services, directs the daily activities of the foodservice program on behalf of the school district. We are proud to work as your foodservice partner and will continue to work with students, parents and school administration using innovation and creativity to attract our customers’ culinary senses. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the foodservice program, please email or call me anytime.

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Lindsey Rysewyk, Food Service Director

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Phone Number: 920-788-7840