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Payments can be made via online by logging onto the PaySchools Online Payment Processing System.

Breakfast Prices




Lunch Prices


Elementary  $2.70
High School $1.75 High School  $2.90
Reduced Price Free Reduced Price Free
Adult  $2.20 Adult $3.85

All additional meal components are individually priced. Families are required to pay for additional items selected by

students at both schools. Payment is required for extra milk, additional main entrees, extra fruit/juice, extra vegetables,

extra condiments, muffins & rolls. This applies to everyone including students that qualify for Free/Reduced Meals.

All parents should complete the enclosed Free/Reduced Lunch Application. This information impacts not only district

funding for school lunch but many different school funding sources. Filing a free/reduced lunch application in a timely

manner is important. Food service charges cannot be retroactively forgiven.

The school lunch program is governed by Federal regulations. By regulation, each breakfast has 3 parts (the entree, the

fruit or fruit juice, and/ or milk) and each lunch has 5 parts (main entree, vegetable, fruit, grain, and/or milk). Student

choice has become an integral part of the hot lunch program but students must include the designated fruit &/or vegetable in their choice.  Students that choose to take only one part of a breakfast or only two of the five parts of an offered lunch

will pay cash individual prices for those choices. This selection of fewer food choices can result in a higher cost to

parents and less money for the school. Student selection choices that do not meet federal requirements for a

reimbursable meal, will not qualify as a free or reduced meal and parents will be charged for the items at ala carte price.

These regulations are in place to ensure students are served nutritional, balanced meals.

Each student may consume only 1 breakfast &/or one lunch each day that has a lower price from government subsidy. If a

student chooses to order a 2nd breakfast or lunch, the cost will be charged at the unsubsidized adult price· $3.35 for

lunch & $1.85 for breakfast. This can happen easily. At the high school, breakfast is served before school & also during

the mid morning breaks between classes. If a student eats breakfast before school & then eats a 2nd breakfast during the

mid-morning break we are required to charge the adult price of $1.85 rather than the full student price of $1.20 for the 2nd

meal. $3.35 is the cost of a 2nd H.S. student lunch rather than $2.30, the full student price charged for the 151 lunch.

Parents of students with outstanding bills will be required to pick up their student’s report cards in the school office.

Students with outstanding bills will not be allowed to participate in Homecoming, Prom or Commencement.

Meal accounts should be paid ahead each month. Account balances can be viewed on Canby Lancers website at Parent access codes will be received by mail each fall. Periodic automated e-mails & phone calls will

be sent to negative accounts. Payment on school lunch accounts can be made at either the elementary or high school

offices or you can pay by credit card on-line through PaySchools by clicking on the link on the school website. A $2

service fee is added for this service. Families with negative balances larger than $150 will not be allowed to charge

extra milk or food. If you have any questions about food service balances, please contact the school office.