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FREE Breakfast & Lunch For All Students

Beaver Dam Unified School District and their contracted food service provider (Taher Inc.) are happy to announce that all breakfast & lunch meals will be provided to all students in the district FREE of charge effective Wednesday, September 2, 2020 until December 31, 2020.

All students that are in person, will continue meals as normal for breakfast in the classroom at elementary levels and breakfast upon building entrance at Middle School, High School, & Don Smith Learning Academy with no charge to anyone.

All students that are in person, will continue meals as normal for lunches at all levels. Meal choices will still be available (refer to menus) at all school levels with no charge to anyone. Barcodes will still be scanned for each student, but the account will NOT be charged. The scan is necessary to track the number of meals served for DPI purposes. Milk that is purchased during lunch for anyone bringing a cold lunch, will be charged $0.45/carton. All a la carte items at the High School will continue to be charged to the student’s account (beverages, snacks, baked goods, etc.). These items are NOT free of charge.

Milk break at the elementary levels will still be charged to the student’s account if the account is a paid status. Milk is a $0.45/carton charge that will appear on the student’s Skyward Account. As of now, milk break is not under any waiver to be free per USDA. Free or reduced status students will not be charged for milk received for milk break.

>>>Meal Order Form<<<

**Please note that meal sign up through the Google Meal Order form will need to continue for virtual/hybrid students. These meals will be for any child 18 and under who have not already received a meal during the school day. The form will be sent out every week, with detailed information regarding sign up deadlines, and meal pick up times.


CLICK HERE to see the Special Bulletin