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Skyward is the computerized prepayment system for school meals in our district. The computerized meal ticket system is a declining balance system where funds are placed in advance on the account, and purchases are drawn against the balance. The program is not a credit card type system.

A student PIN (Personal Identification Number) is issued to each student which is entered into the system when a purchase is made. Families are able to monitor the balance in their food service account and make payments to their account through their Skyward Family Access. The District will continue to send notifications of account balances via e-mails, voicemails, and texts. If you are not receiving notifications, please check your settings in Skyward or contact the Food Service Department at 715-839-6056. Also, please keep in mind that our district participates in the National School Lunch program and depending on your circumstances, your family may qualify for free or reduced priced meals. Visit the Free/Reduced Price Meal page for more information.

Breakfast Lunch
Grades K – 5 $1.75 $2.80
Grades 6 – 12 $1.95 $2.95
Reduced $0.30 $0.40
Extra Entree $1.80 $3.10
Milk $0.50
Adult Meals $2.25 $3.85

We offer a couple different payment options. Cash payments are accepted, but must be in a sealed envelope and the envelope must contain the student name and ID, to assist in crediting the proper account. All payments need to be placed in the Lunch Drop Box location at each building. All payments are credited to the family account by 10am each day. Payments by check, debit, and credit can also be made through the Skyward Family/Student Access Portal by clicking the button at the top of this page.